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Rolf Schimmermann, Suru
Six outstanding modern jazz/rock crossover pieces written by Rolf Schimmermann recorded at Abbey Road Studios are said to defy accepted forms and structures. Miriam Stockley injected an atmospheric vocal element in the mix and does lead vocals on "Traces" and is featured with insrumental-style vocals on "Passages" and "Take Six."
- All titles composed and arranged by Rolf Schimmermann.
- Published by Last Chance Music, London.
- Produced by Ray Russell.
+ CD, B&W Music (UK) BW009, 1991. (artwork)
3 Man Island/Band of Gypsies featuring Miriam Stockley, Song of Zoo Meets House Style
Ten dance music tracks recreated by Japanese artists and sung in English by Miriam Stockley. Originally recorded at Matrix Studios in London, the album was engineered by Brian Hall and Paul Apted. Includes: "Gorgeous," "Dada's Theme Countdown," "Choo Choo Train," "Jungle," "Ya-Ya-Ya," "Given," "Present Pleasure," "Last Play," "Careless Dance," and "Native." Written by various combinations of Arisu Satoh, Keizou Nakanishi, Takao Konishi, Jun Tohyama, Kiichi Yokoyama, Ikki Matsumoto, and Ichirou Hada. Further credit is given to Nigel Cox and Tim Swanson in the booklet accompanying the compact disc.
+ CD, Avex Trax (Japan) AVCD-11141, 1993, 1995. (artwork)
Rolf Schimmermann, Jenesaisquoi - Volume 1
A wide ranging collection of songs written by Rolf Schimmermann with vocals by Sam Howard and Miriam Stockley. Miriam sings lead vocals on the tracks "Caravan Of Wonder," "Faster And Higher" and "Take Me Home (Part 2)" for which she also did the vocal arrangements. Miriam provides backing vocals to the above tracks as well as the track "A Dream Of You."
- All titles composed and arranged by Rolf Schimmermann.
- Produced by Ray Russell.
+ CD, B&W Music (UK) BW017, 1994. (artwork)
Various Artists, The Beatrix Potter Music Collection
Music and songs from the animated series based on the original books by Beatrix Potter. Miriam Stockley's song "Perfect Day" from the Peter Rabbit and Friends TV series opens and concludes the CD.
- Produced and orchestra conducted by Colin Towns.
- Music performed by The London Filmworks Orchestra.
+ CD, Pickwick Records (UK) PWKS 4200, 1994. (artwork)
Beautiful World, ... In Existence
Album featuring collection of new age/world music tracks written by Phil Sawyer with contributions by several female vocalists. Miriam Stockley sings lead vocals on the track "Spoken Word."
- Written, performed and produced by Phil Sawyer.
+ CD, Discovery Records (WEA) (US) 77016, 1995. (artwork)
+ CD, Warner Music Germany (Germany), 4509-95120-2, 1994. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack, Rob Roy
Original soundtrack album to the movie Rob Roy featuring work by a collection celtic performing artists including Capercaillie and solo performances by Karen Matheson. Miriam Stockley appears as a featured musician contributing vocal segments to the tracks: "Overture - The Rieving Party" and "The Dispossessed - The Cave."
- Music by Carter Burwell; additional music by Capercaillie.
+ CD, Virgin (UK) CDVMM18, 1995. (artwork)
Mike Batt, Arabesque
Miriam Stockley appears as a featured vocalist on the the tracks: "Irish Peace," "Chorale" and the title track, "Arabesque."
- Produced, orchestra arranged and orchestrated by Mike Batt.
+ CD, Sony (Germany) 4783502, 1995. (artwork)
Various Artists, Spirits Of Nature
Collection of new age/world music features the extended version of "Adiemus" which is also found as bonus track on the Japanese pressing of Songs Of Sanctuary. The shortened version of "Only You" from Miriam's Praise album is also included.
+ CD, Virgin Benelux/EVA (Holland) 8412922, 1995. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. (artwork)
+ CD, Virgin/Circa (UK) VTCD 87, 7243 8 41882 2 1, 1996, includes the traditional (album) version of "Adiemus" and "Only You" from Praise. Jewel case format.
Various Artists, Merry Christmas to the World
Collection of German Christmas songs with vocals performed by Miriam Stockley and music played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in an Adiemus-like style. Tracks: In Dulci Jubilo; The Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy; Stille Nacht; Do They Know It's Chrismas?; On Christmas Day; Son of Maria; Oh Happy Day; Little Drummer Boy; A Merry Little Christmas; Mary's Boy Child; O Jesulein Süß; Happy Christmas (War Is Over); Lullay; Patapan; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Little Donkey; The First Noël; We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
- All tracks produced and orchestrated by Karl Jenkins.
- Vocals performed by Miriam Stockley.
+ CD, Warner Special Marketing GmbH (Germany) 0630-12379-2 CA-851, 1995. (artwork)
Various Artists, Pure Moods
Collection of new age/world music features the song "Adiemus" from the album Songs Of Sanctuary.
+ CD, Virgin (USA) 7243 8 42186 2 1, 1996. (artwork)
+ CD, Virgin (Japan) VJCP 25423, 1998.

Various Artists, Atmosphere
Collection of new age/world music features the song "Adiemus" from the album Songs Of Sanctuary.
+ CD, Virgin (France) 7243 8 441619 2 7, 1996.
Various Artists, Spirits Of Nature 2
Collection of new age/world music features the song "Kayama" from the album Songs Of Sanctuary.
+ CD, Virgin Benelux/EVA (Holland) 8416112, 1996. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. (artwork)
Beautiful World, Forever
Phil Sawyer's followup album to ... In Existence featuring new age and world music tracks with contributions by several female vocalists. Miriam Stockley sings lead vocals on the tracks "I'll Be There" and "Africa." Mary Carewe joins Miriam on "Africa." Tessa Niles also contributes to "Love Is Everything."*
- Written, performed and produced by Phil Sawyer; * by Phil and Brigitte Sawyer.
+ CD, Discovery Records (WEA) (US) 77044, 1996. (artwork)
+ CD, WEA Records (Japan) WPCR-817, 1996. (artwork)
Various Artists, Spirits Of Nature 3
Collection of new age/world music that includes a version of "Cantus - Song Of Tears" from the album Cantata Mundi featuring a unique a capella intro and outro.
+ CD, Virgin Benelux/EVA (Holland) 8441152, 1997. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack, One Night Stand
Original soundtrack from the movie One Night Stand with performances by various artists. Miriam's vocals are "in and out" throughout the soundtrack.
- Music by Mike Figgis.
+ CD, Verve (US) 314 539 025-2, 1997. (artwork)
Dreamcatcher, Dreamcatcher
Collection of new age / atmospheric / world music with the track "In a Ocean Of Joy" performed and co-written by Miriam Stockley and David Lowe. Miriam's vocals are also featured on the track "Life."
- Produced and composed by David Lowe.
- "In a Ocean Of Joy" performed and co-written by Miriam Stockley.
+ CD, Island Mango (UK) CIDM 1118/524 311-2, 1997. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack, Great Expectations - The Score
Original soundtrack of the score to the movie Great Expectations with performances by a wide variety of performing artists. Miriam's vocals are featured on the tracks "Kissing In The Rain" and "Underfloor."
- Produced by Patrick Doyle and Maggie Rodford.
+ CD, Atlantic (US) 83063-2, 1997. (artwork)
Various Artists, Pure Moods II
Collection of new age/world music that features the song "Zarabanda" from the album Dances Of Time.
+ CD, Virgin Records America (USA) 7343-8-46796-2-0, 1997.
Classic FM All Time Great Music Collection, Sounds Of The Spirit
Collection of vocal-oriented world music with several Adiemus tracks featuring Miriam Stockley on lead vocals: Adiemus; Cantus Inaequalis, Cantus - Song Of The Trinity, Cantus - Song Of The Spirit and Chorale VI (extract).
- Composed and orchestrated by Karl Jenkins.
- Performed by Miriam Stockley and the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
+ CD, Classic FM Records (UK) PREM CD48, 1998. (artwork)
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Beloved
Native American flutes and African percussion permeate Rachel Portman's score, as do the haunting vocals of various artists including Miriam Stockley, Mae McKenna and Oumou Sangare. Miriam reflects on the recording, "I booked the singers for the project. There were six female singers required to create a deep south, raw kind of sound. Neither Mae nor I did any solo work on the film. We recorded most of the vocals acapella and I was very happy with the finished product."
- Produced by Suzana Peric and Rachel Portman.
+ CD, Sony Music (USA) 69656, 1998. (artwork)
Alkaemy, The Merlin Mystery [Soundtrack]
A soundtrack to accompany the book (and contest) of the same name. Sonic Images writes, "Medieval ambience and Celtic styling coupled with lush orchestral soundscapes and a touch of Brit-pop sensitivity result in a unique and inspiring musical blend." Vocals are by Shelagh and Sheryle Gwynfar supported by Miriam Stockley. Miriam co-wrote, arranged and provided backing vocals to the two tracks "Le Morte d'Arthur" and "Nimve's Lament (Vocal Version)."
- Composed, performed and produced by Julia Taylor-Stanley.
- Arrangements and significant portions co-composed by Ian Lynn.
+ CD, Earthtone (US) ETD-7803, 1998. (artwork)
Various Artists, Elevation
Collection of vocal-oriented new age and world music from various artists featuring a new Miriam Stockley solo track called "Massai Rain." [Ed. Note. There are errors in the sleeve notes included in this release that have been corrected with Miriam's input here.]
- "Massai Rain" composers: Miriam Stockley, Julia Taylor-Stanley and Ian Lynn.
- Performed by Miriam Stockley.
+ CD, Earthtone Records (US) ETD-7801, 1998. (artwork)
Various Artists, Spirits Of Nature 5
Collection of new age/world music features the song "Rain Dance" (4:32) from the album Dances Of Time.
+ CD, Virgin Benelux/EVA (Holland) 7243-8-47006-2-1, 1998. Gatefold cardboard sleeve. (artwork)
Shabala, Shabala
Collection of ballads, dance- and reggae-oriented world music featuring vocal performances by Miriam Stockley and Mae McKenna. Tracks include: "Mandala," "Yeka Yeka," "Samana," "Santana," "Pia Moka," "Om Ba Si," "Chaka Beo," "Ramanaya," "Shantanyosa," "Kumbamaya," "Amitaya" and "Mandala (Dance Mix)".
- Produced by Achim Oppermann and Achim Sobotta.
+ CD, Virgin Rhythm Nation (Germany) 846321 2, 1998. (artwork)
Various Artists, Ascension
Collection of new age and world music from various artists containing a previously unreleased ballad sung by Miriam Stockley entitled "There" which runs 4:10. [Ed. Note. The sleeve notes state that the track is from a forthcoming new album by Alkaemy (Fall 1999) which remains unconfirmed by the artists involved and therefore may reflect a degree of optimism by the label.]
- "There" produced by Miriam Stockley and Julia Taylor-Stanley.
- Published by PRS/MCPS, Warner/Chappel, 1998.
+ CD, Earthtone Records (US) ETD-7913, 1999. (artwork)
Original Television Soundtrack, Seiki wo Koete (Beyond The Century)
Collection of jazzy new age tracks by Toshiyuki Honda and Akira Senju with the NHK Symphony Orchestra as well as the previously unreleased title track by Adiemus entitled "Beyond The Century" which can also be heard on the bonus CD in the Japanese Special Edition of Adiemus' Dances Of Time. Tracks include: Adiemus: "Beyond The Century"; Toshiyuki Honda: "Turning Point," "Geophyte," "Altered Planet," "Emergent Evolution," "Grow Wings"; Akira Senju: "Across the Era," "Memory of Wilderness," "Man and Desire," "Inochi," "Yoake."
+ CD, EMI-Toshiba/Virgin Records (Japan) TOCT-24084, 1999. (artwork)
Various Artists, Land Of My Fathers
The official album of the Rugby World Cup '99 with a collection of twenty world music tracks by a vast array of various artists including Shirley Bassey, Michael Ball, Bryn Terfel and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Miriam's demo track of "Song For Everyman (Johnny Boy)" for the producer was released on the album to her surprise in 1999. The album was released in Europe and South Africa.
+ CD, Universal/Decca (UK) 466 567-2, 1999. (artwork)
+ CD, Decca (South Africa) StarCD 6512, 1999. (artwork)
+ CD, Decca (Japan) POCF-1022, 1999. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack, The Clandestine Marriage
Stanislas Syrewicz' original soundtrack for Christopher Miles' film of The Clandestine Marriage, a version of George Coleman's play starring Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Joan Collins. The album follows what the composer describes as "a pastiche of the baroque style." Miriam sings two versions of Julia Taylor Stanley's track "Secret" (mid-album and the End Titles). She also provides vocalise to the opening theme.
+ CD, Virgin/Venture (UK) CDVE949, 1999. (artwork)
Mike Oldfield, The Millennium Bell
A musical celebration of the last 2000 years in eleven tracks, each providing a snap-shot of time but collectively taking the listener on a captivating journey through history. Choral sections of the album were provided by the London Handel Choir and the Grant Gospel Choir with additional vocals by Nicola Emmanuel, David Serame, Camilla Carlow and St Paul's Treble Andrew Johnson. Miriam provides vocals on the tracks "Pacha Mama," "Liberation" and "Amber Light."
+ CD, Warner Music Ltd (UK) 8573898852, 1999. (artwork)
Various Artists, Spirits of Nature 6
Collection of new age tracks by various artists includes "Rewenzori" by Miriam Stockley.
- Mastered at Studio Jules; concept by Creamm
+ CD, Virgin Benelux BV (Holland) 7243 848647 2 9, 1999. (artwork)
Various Artists, The Healing - A Trip To Infinity
Collection of new age tracks by various artists includes "Adiemus" by Adiemus.
- Concept by Defcom, Amsterdam
+ CD, Universal Music (Holland) 564 476-2, 1999.
Mike Oldfield, The Art In Heaven / The Millennium Bell Live In Berlin Concert
Recorded live in Berlin, twelve songs are included in this DVD. Miriam sings "Moonlight Shadow" and contributes to several of the other tracks on the recording. This DVD is available only in PAL format.
+ DVD, Warner Music Vision (UK) 8573 88220-2, 2000. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack, Zwei Asse & Ein König (Two Aces & One King)
Miriam sings the opening song on the CD entitled "Friends" with Inga Rumpf. She also provides backing vocals with Lance Ellington on several of the album's other tracks.
+ CD, BMG/Ariola (Germany) 74321 72686 2, 2000. (artwork)
Anne Dudley, The Tenth Kingdom [Original Television Soundtrack]
The original soundtrack album for the television series features a tremendous rendition of "Wishing On A Star" by Miriam Stockley. This all-new arrangement features contemporary instrumentation combined with light Celtic influences and Miriam's stunning solo vocal work.
+ CD, Varèse Sarabande (USA) 302 066 115 2, 2000. (artwork)
Various Artists, Sprits Of The World
Collection of new age and world music from various artists containing a previously unreleased track sung by Miriam Stockley and written with Julia Taylor-Stanley entitled "Brave New World" which runs 4:12. "It's a moving song - in a more pop-oriented style - filled with a tranquility that approaches a floating ecstasy."
- Song produced by Miriam Stockley and Julia Taylor-Stanley.
- Published by Warner/Chappel Music Ltd, 2000.
+ CD, Earthtone Records (US) 963-277-922-2, 2000. (artwork)
Various Artists, Highlands II
Collection of Irish-sounding tracks by various artists includes "Mercy Street" by Miriam Stockley.
- Concept and compilation by by Yvo von. Koppenhagen for Creamm, Utrecht
+ CD, Warner Music Benelux B.V. (Holland) 9548 3846 1-2, 2000.
Various Artists, The Healing II - A Trip To Infinity
Collection of new age tracks by various artists includes "Kayama" by Adiemus and "Lake of Tenderness" from Imagined Oceans by Karl Jenkins.
- Concept by Defcom, Amsterdam
+ CD, Sony Music Media (Country Unknown) 497 755 2, 2000.
Gabriel Yared, Autumn In New York [Original Soundtrack]
The original soundtrack album for the motion picture combines classical, jazz and accessible almost-pop numbers. Miriam's vocals are featured in the tracks "Elegy For Charlotte," "Memories," "First/Last Snow," "To The Hospital" and "The Gift." Miriam also wrote the lyrics for ""Elegy For Charlotte" and "To The Hospital."
- Soundtrack album producers: Mitchell Leib and Peter Afterman
+ CD, Centropolis Records/Hollywood Records (USA) HR62280-2, 2000. (artwork)
Original Soundtrack,Virtual Girl
The original soundtrack album for the Nihon TV drama series starring famous Japanese actress Kanako Enomoto includes a selection of dance, popular, new age and contemporary tracks. Miriam's vocals are featured in the track "The Wind Song." She also wrote the words for the song.
- Produced by CMJK
+ CD, Avex Inc. (Japan) AVCD-11788, 2000. (artwork)
Various Artists, Ibiza Euphoria
Collection of dance music by various artists. The track "Fiji" is a remix of vocals originally recorded by Miriam for "Only You" from the Praise album.
- Mixed by Alex Gold and Agnelli & Nelson
+ CD, Telstar Records (UK) TTVCD3134, 2000. (artwork)
Disneyland Resort, Holiday Magic Album
This recording, available during the 2001 holiday season (exclusively) at Disney Resorts, includes three epic tracks, the last one entitled "LuminAria." "LuminAria" includes solo vocals and featured background vocals arranged, performed and produced by Miriam Stockley. The track, which runs 16:26, is a medley comprised of "Shine," "Snow Transition," "Snowfall," "White Christmas," "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies," My Favorite Things," "Toyland," "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Holiday Wonder," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Holiday Fanfare," "Live the Light Inside," "Winter's Light," "Disney's LuminAria Finale."
- Conceived and directed by Steven Davison
- Music arranged, adapted, composed and conducted by Don Harper
+ CD, Buena Vista Records (USA) 60060-7, 2001. (artwork)
Various Artists, Fantastica 2000
Contains "Hymn to the Dance" by Adiemus, and "Nimue's Lament" by Alakemy.
+ CD, Polystar (Germany) 545 500-2, 1999.
Defcom, The Healing III - A trip to infinity
Contains "Cantus Insolitus" by Adiemus.
+ CD, Universal (Netherlands) TV 556 353-2, 2001.
François Moity & Yves Mingot, Echoes From Earth
Ten track world music album that contains "Echoes From Earth" sung by Miriam Stockley with backing vocals by Nikki Matheson. This song was originally produced for an advert by Gaz de France.
+ CD, Mikeli Music (France) Cat. No. TBD, 2002. (artwork)
Defcom, The Healing III - A trip to infinity
Contains "Cantus Insolitus" by Adiemus.
+ CD, Universal (Netherlands) TV 556 353-2, 2001.
Rosamunde Pilcher, Weihnachten
Twenty-one track seasonal music album that contains "A Day Is Born" (single version) sung by Miriam Stockley. Lyrics and vocal arrangements were written by Miriam and the vocals recorded were by Rod Houison. The music was written by Richard Blackford. Erwin Keiles, Gitarre London elefilmonic Orchestra and Richard Blackford contribute.
- Executive producer: Michael Smeaton.
- Composer, conductor, recording producer: Richard Blackford.
+ CD, Warner Strategic Marketing (Germany) Cat. No. 5050466-0956-2-6, 2002. (artwork)
David Arkenstone, Atlantis
Exquisite soundtrack album featuring vocal performance and arrangements by Miriam Stockley for the tracks "Tower of Light" and "Below the Ocean."
- Composed, produced, arranged and orchestrated by David Arkenstone.
+ CD, Narada (USA) B0002RQ2SU, 2004. (artwork)
Various Artists, Heart of Innocence
Collection of songs by some of the most beautiful female voices of our time. It includes Miriam's track "Tula" from her Second Nature album.
- Produced by Lloyd Barde.
+ CD, Valley Entertainment (US) 18321 51862, 2004. (artwork)
Hélène Muddiman, Skin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Miriam Stockley co-wrote three of the songs with Hélène Muddiman, the British composer that scored this soundtrack, and is credited for her vocal work. Tracks include: "Intro Montage," "River Swim," "Leaving Petrus," "Demolition," "*Innocent Child," "Sandra Sneaks Out, "Sad Theme," "Piano Theme, "*Let Freedom Reign," "Dress Shop," "River Love," "Petrus In Trouble," "#Reclassified," "*Danced and Driven," "Whitening," "Bleach Paste" and "Dad's Theme."
- Motion picture by Elysian Filmas, Bard Entertainment and Moonlighting Films.
- Music composed, orchestrated and produced by Hélène Muddiman.
* Co-written with Miriam Stockley. Published by Kobalt Music Services Ltd.
# Co-written with Joseph Conlan.
+ CD, Mack Mummy Music (UK) 6 41444 05142 7, 2009. (artwork)
Band of Sisters, Issues
Miriam Stockley sings the song "A Little Time." David Mindel's 16-track compilation album of songs sung by 15 different female singers. The themes address issues important on a daily basis to us all and include subjects like: loneliness, bullying, getting older, domestic abuse, their best friend, and ragility.
- Series produced by David Mindel.
+ CD, Band of Sisters Records (UK) 1099715, 2013. (artwork)
David Helping | Jon Jenkins, Found
Miriam Stockley provides the vocal work for the title track "Found." The dramatic final chapter of the award-winning three-album series by celebrated ambient-electronic artists David Helpling and Jon Jenkins, it follows the path set by the duo's genre-defying releases Treasure and The Crossing. Blending cinematic electronics with rock power and spacemusic sensibilities, this is highlighted by thundering drums and percussion, shimmering electric guitars, intimate pianos wrapped in lush synth textures, and a poignant guest vocal by virtuoso Miriam Stockley.
- Written and produced by David Helping and Jon Jenkins.
+ CD, Spotted Pecary (USA) B00F8F6DV, 2013. (artwork)
Sandeep Chowta, Matters of the Heart
Miriam Stockley provides the vocal work for the song "Love is On The Run."
- Written and produced by Sandeep Chowta.
+ CD, Sony Music International/Columbia (India), 2013. (artwork)

Backing Vocals (Sampler)

Kylie Minogue, Enjoy Yourself
Miriam Stockley and Mae McKenna provide backing vocals throughout the album. Tracks: Wouldn't Change A Thing; Hand On Your Heart; Enjoy Yourself; Tell Tale Signs; Tears On My Pillow; Never Too Late; Nothing To Lose; Heaven And Earth; I'm Over Dreaming (Over You); My Scret Heart.
- Produced by Stock Aitken Waterman Production.
+ CD, PWL Records Ltd (UK) HFCD 9, 1989. (artwork)
+ MC, PWL Records Ltd (UK) HFC9, 1989.
+ LP, PWL Records Ltd (UK) HF9, 1989.
Kylie Minogue, Greatest Hits
Miriam Stockley (*) and Mae McKenna provide backing vocals throughout the album. Tracks: I Should Be So Lucky; Got To Be Certain; The Loco-motion; Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi; Especially For You (*); Turn It Into Love; It's No Secret; Hand On Your Heart (*); Wouldn't Change A Thing (*); Never Too Late (*); Tears On My Pillow (*); Better The Devil You Know (*); Step Back In Time; What Do I Have To Do (*); Shocked (*); Word Is Out (*); If You Were With Me Now; Give Me Just A Little More Time (*); Finer Feelings (*); What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) (*); Where In The World? (*); Celebration (*).
- Produced by Stock Aitken Waterman Production.
+ CD, PWL Records Ltd (UK) HFCD25, 1992. (artwork)
Brian May, Back To The Light
Miriam recorded backing vocals on the tracks "Back To The Light and "Rollin' Over." Tracks: The Dark; Back To The Light; Love Token; Resurrection (with Cozy Powell); To Much Love Will Kill You; Driven By You; Nothin But Blue; I'm Scared; Last Horizon; Let Your Heart Rule Your Head; Just One Life; Rollin' Over.
- Produced by Brian May.
+ CD, EMI/Parlophone Records (UK) 0777 7 80400 2 6, 1992. (artwork)
Clock, It's Time ...
Album of dance music performed principally by ODC MC and Tinka. Miriam Stockley provides backing vocals for the track "Everybody." Tracks: Intro; Axel F; Whoomph! (There It Is); Everybody; Holding On 4 U; In The House (Live Version); Keep The Fires Burning; The Rhythm; Holding On; Keep Pushin'; Clock Carnival; Secret (Instrumental); Clock Ten To Two Megamix.
- Produced by S. Allen, Executive Producer: P Pritchard.
+ CD, MCA/Media Records Ltd (UK) MCD 11355, 1995. (artwork)
Queen, Made In Heaven
Miriam provided backing vocals for the track "Let Me Live." Tracks: It's A Beautiful Day; Made In Heaven; Let Me Live; Mother Love; My Life Has Been Saved; I Was Borne To Love You; Heaven For Everyone; Too Much Love Will Kill You; You Don't Fool Me; A Winter's Tale; It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise).
- Arranged and produced by Queen.
+ CD, EMI/Parlophone Records (UK) 7243 8 36088 2 9, 1995. (artwork)
Tina Turner, Wildest Dreams
Miriam Stockley and Tessa Niles provided backing vocals to the five tracks noted with "(BVs)" in the track list that follows. Tracks: Do What You Do; Whatever You Want (BVs); Missing You; On Silent Wings (BVs); Thief Of Hearts (BVs); In Your Wildest Dreams (BVs); Goldeneye; Confidential; Something Beautiful Remains; All Kinds Of People (BVs); Unfinished Sympathy; Dancing In My Dreams (BVs).
- Executive Producer Tina Turner and Roger Davies.
+ CD, EMI/Parlophone Records (UK) 7243 8 37684 2 4, 1996. (artwork)
John Alford, John Alford
Miriam Stockley, Mae McKenna and Mary Carewe are among the artists that provided backing vocals on this album of hit pop song covers. Tracks: Keep On Running; If; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes; Blue Moon; Only You; Got To Get You Into My Life; Bring It On Home To Me; Let It Be Me; When You're Young And In Love; Jiving Johnnie (Inst.); Woh Woh My Love (Inst.); Some Gets In Your Eyes (Ballad Remix).
- Produced by Mike Stock and Matt Aitken.
+ CD, Love This Records Ltd (UK) LUVITCD2, 1996. (artwork)
Gabrielle, Gabrielle
Miriam Stockley and Mae McKenna provided backing vocals for the track "Walk On By." Tracy Ackerman also provides backing vocals on the album. Tracks: Forget About The World; People May Come; I Live In Hope; Baby I've Changed; Give Me A Little More Time; If You Really Cared; There She Goes; Our Love Is Over; If I Could; Alone; Have You Ever Wondered; So Glad; Miracle; If You Ever With EAST 17; Walk On By; Forget About The World.
- Produced and mixed by The Boilerhouse Boys.
+ CD, London Records/Go! Discs Ltd (UK) 828 858-2, 1996. (artwork)
Louise, Woman In Me
Miriam Stockley provided backing vocals for the track "All That Matters." Tracy Ackerman also provides backing vocals on the album. Tracks: Arms Around The World; All That Matters; I Pray; Let's Go Round Again; Woman In Me; Trust In You; Reminds Me Of You; Shut Up & Kiss Me; Healing Love; When Will My Heart Beat Again; New York Moon; Happy Love; Who Do You Love; Don't Be Shy; Running Back For More; Love Will Bring You Back To Me.
+ CD, EMI Records Ltd (UK) 7243 8 21903 2 5, 1997. (artwork)
Monserrat Caballé, Friends For Life
An album that breakds down the barriers between pop and classical music, with guest appearances by Carlos Cano, Bruce Dickson, Die Prinzen, René Froger, Gotthard, Johnny Halladay, Johnny Logan, Helmut Lotti, Marco Masini, Freddie Mercury, Khadja Nin, Lisa Nisson, Gino Vannelli, Vangelis. Miriam Stockley provided backing vocals for the tracks "Bohemian Rhapsody" (with Mae McKenna and Mary Carewe), "A Rose In December" (with Tessa Niles and Tracey Ackerman), "Sailing," "Friends Again" and "Put The Weight On My Shoulders." Tracks: Bohemian Rhapsody; March With Me; Visions Of Glory; Ci Vorebbe Il Mare; Chanter Pour Ceux Qui Sont Loin De Chez Eux; One Life, One Soul; A Rose In December; Sailing; Mi Amiga Rigoberta; Had To Be; Friends Again; Out Of The Blue; Love Is The Key; Like A Dream; Put the Weight On My Shoulders; Barcelona.
- Produced by Mike Moran.
+ CD, BMG Music (UK) 74231 42538 2, 1997. (artwork)
Katrina And The Waves, Walk On Water
An album of pop songs following their winning of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. Miriam Stockley backed the band at the contest and provides backing vocals on the winning track "Love Shine A Light" and others. Tracks: Love Shine A Light; Take A Little Piece; Since You've Been Mine; Walk On Water; Eejay; Shakin' In One Spot; The Better You Love; Love Or Nothing; Girl With Blue Eyes; Don't Keep Me Knocking.
- Produced and mixed by Nocito.
+ CD, Warner Music UK Ltd (UK) 3984 20520 2, 1997. (artwork)
George Martin, In My Life
An album of Beatles songs covered by various artists with backing vocals provided by Miriam Stockley and Mae McKenna. Tracks: Come Together; A Hard Day's Night; A Day In The Life; Here There & Everywhere; Because; I Am The Walrus; Here Comes The Sun; Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite; The Pepperland Suite; Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End; Friends And Lovers; In My Life.
- Produced by George Martin and Niles Martin.
+ CD, Echo (UK) ECHICD20, 1998. (artwork)
Various Artists, Lullabies With A Difference
Miriam Stockley, Tessa Niles and Lance Ellington provide backing vocals on Sarah Randle's performance of "Willow." Tracks: A Truthful Lullaby; Dreaming My Dreams; Window World; Willow; Etude No 53 (Instrumental); My Boy; Baby Little One; In Your Eyes; Wild Theme (Instrumental); Cherry Blossom; Let's Stay Together.
- Compiled by Joan Armitrading and Gus Dudgeon.
+ CD, BMG Eurodisc Ltd (UK) 74321634972, 1998. (artwork)
Mike Batt, Philharmania Vol. 1
All new recordings by various artists and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra covering "all time great rock hits." Miriam Stockley and Tessa Niles provide a range of backing vocals. Tracks: Born To Run; A Whiter Shade Of Pale; No Face, No Name, No Number; I Put A Spell On You; Paint It Black; Bright Eyes; The Boys Of Summer; Eve Of Distruction; Nights In White Satin; The Power Of Love; Owner Of A Lonely Heart; Because The Night; Not Fade Away; Vienna.
- Produced, arranged and conducted by Mike Batt.
+ CD, Stella Music GmbH (Germany) 559 618-2, 1998. (artwork)
Sarah Brightman, Eden
A classical-contemporary crossover album from the former West End diva with fifteen tracks ranging from opera to pop. Miriam Stockley and Tessa Niles provide additional backing vocals. Included are Brightman's interpretation of the Titanic theme ("Il Mio Cuore Va"), a cover of "Dust In The Wind" and a unique arrangement of Albinoni's Adagio Giazotto ("Anytime, Anywhere") which was also previously used by Renaissance ("Cold Is Being") and Annie Haslam ("Save Us All"). Francis Lai, who Miriam worked with earlier in her career, wrote "Scéne D'Amour."
Tracks: In Paradisum; Eden; So Many Things; Anytime, Anywhere; Bailero; Dust; In The Wind; Il Mio Cuore Va; Deliver Me; Un Jour Il Viendra; Nella Fantasia; Tu; Lascia Ch'Io Pianga; Only An Ocean Away; Scéne D'Amour; Nessun Dorma.
- Produced by Frank Peterson.
+ CD, EastWest/Coalition (Germany) 6394-25492-2, 1998. (artwork)
Princessa, I Won't Forget You
Euro-Dance album by the Spanish diva includes an array of pop-oriented dance tracks and a couple of heartfelt ballads. Miriam Stockley, Tessa Niles, the Booker's Choir and Sarah Brightman are credited with backing vocals on the album's title track. A CD single with four versions of this song was also released.
Album Tracks: I Won't Forget You; Grand Design; I Wanna Live With You; (You Just) Believe In You; I Was Wrong; It Just Begun; The Way The Story Goes; Shut Up And Kiss Me; So Many People; Tell Her; A Better Man; Once In A Lifetime; Snowflakes; I Won't Forget You (alternative version)[Japan only].
Single: Radio Version; Alternative Version; Extended Version; Karaoke Version.
- Produced by Frank Peterson with Matthias Meissner and Thomas Schwartz.
+ CD, EastWest (Germany) 3984-26306-2, 1999.
+ CD, EastWest (Japan) AMCE-2980, 1999. (artwork)
+ CD, EastWest (Germany) 3984-26349-2, 1999. [single]
+ CD, EastWest (Japan) AMCE-2979, 1999. [single]
Tina Turner, Twenty Four Seven
Miriam contributes backing vocals to the tracks "Whatever You Want," "All The Woman" and "I Will Be There."
Album Tracks: Whatever You Need; All The Woman; When The Heartache Is Over; Absolutely Nothing's Changed; Talk To My Heart; Don't Leave Me This Way; Go Ahead; Without You; Falling; Will Be There; Twenty Four Seven.
- Produced by TBS.
+ CD, EMI/Parlophone (UK) 5321802, 1999. (artwork)
Tom Jones and Various Artists, Reload
Miriam contributes backing vocals to the Heather Small track "You Need Love Like I Do" and the Natalie Imbruglia track "Never Tear Us Apart."
+ CD, Gut Records (UK) GUTCD009, 1999. (artwork)